Delsey, iconic House

DELSEY, an iconic brand that goes with you to the ends of the Earth.

A company founded in 1946, DELSEY is synonymous with French excellence in the world of luggage. Famous for its extreme reliability and innovative design, our ingenious and increasingly lightweight luggage will be your faithful companions wherever you go and however you travel, whether on business or for leisure.

Solid expertise and daring design

We have been creating award winning luggage for the past seven decades by applying the latest trends in design to the use of new technologies, cutting edge materials and optimal ergonomics. Created at our Paris based head office using tried and tested expertise, our luggage collections are made to reflect your personality so that you can instinctively adopt them as an integral part of your wardrobe.

An activity driven by innovation

To totally meet your demands - or even exceed them - we are constantly searching for innovations, particularly in terms of avant-garde design, new materials and maximum security. One of the latest expressions of this ambition, the Archange concept-bag, treats luggage from a whole new standpoint by anticipating future travellers' evolving needs. Another example is the 24h model in Technical Linen which combines vintage hedonism with technological achievement, while our patented Securi Tech Zip system gives unprecedented reinforcement to zip fastener closures.

From Bon Marché in Paris to Macy's or Harrods, your next item of DELSEY luggage is always within easy reach in over 110 countries on all five continents!

Somewhere in the world, an item of DELSEY luggage is sold every 10 seconds.