DELSEY reveals the secret to traveling like the French 

The delicate balance between looking good and feeling comfortable is the essence behind travel outfits of the day (#OOTD). Clothing and accessories should  be stylish and practical when sitting for hours, grabbing a last bite at the airport or dashing through duty-free, and hold up upon arrival for hotel check-in and immediate reunions with family, friends or colleagues. So how do Parisians maintain their chic look during travel? Try to stick to 3 key pieces:

To add a shade of color and soften an overall look, French men and women are famous for throwing on a scarf. Scarves lend a glimmer of sophistication to even the simplest jeans and t-shirts. This classic accessory is as functional as it is fashionable; scarves continue to serve their purpose during travel, by offering added warmth and comfort… and can double as blankets or pillows while en route!

Nothing says classic chic like marinier stripes! The traditional navy and white stripes that were a nineteenth century symbol of seamen in Brittany, France, were embraced by Jean Paul Gautier and are now a timeless fashion statement. The marinier look is equally attractive on men and women, and striped t-shirts or sweaters are the perfect go-to travel look. To complement the marinier travel look, DELSEY BASTILLE LITE, the lightest collection that reinvents hard-side luggage, features a rigid lined exterior.

Part of looking good is feeling good, and confidence is always the best accessory. The French favor flats to make sure they feel good while traveling. And of course these shoes have the added advantage of helping travelers run from one place to another!