Synapson, that's the Parisian electro, eclectic, dandified and offbeat duo who is so much part of the new French Touch. Official DJs of the Cannes Festival for the thrid consectutive year, Alexandre and Paul talk to us about music and travel.

What are your musical influences?

Alex: Swing, Jazz, House.

Paul: I started in music with scratching. I'm really into Michael Jackson and a whole lot of hip hop.

What have you got lined up for the Cannes Festival?

Alex: To get the most out of a world class event.

Paul: You gotta be the most eclectic possible because the whole world's walking past you on the red carpet every day. That's good because we both get tuned in to everything.

We always try to adapt to the
celebrities who climb the stairs

How do you express your creativity while they are climbing the stairs?

Alex: By musical eclecticism.

Paul: Unity creates strength The fact that there are two of us lets us be even more reactive, more creative. We always try to adapt to the celebrities who are climbing the stairs.

Your most inspirational city?

Alex: Biarritz.

Paul: I love traveling a lot. That's good because we're away more and more with Synapson. However, I prefer it when I have a few days to go back home before going off again.

What's your favourite part of Paris?

Alex: Saint-Germain-des-Près.

Paul: My heart is torn between Saint-Germain-des-Près and the Haut Marais.

What do you bring with you to a concert?

Alex: My gear (computer, control unit, cables, piano, synthesisers).

Paul: Lots of cables and gear, my computer which never leaves my side and some tune to play.

Any little exclusive for our readers?

Alex: Our remix of a pioneer artist of the French Touch is just about to come out.

Paul: We have just signed with Parlophone (Warner), we hope to be on your iPods real soon if we're not there already.

Anything else?

Alex: We're really happy to be working with DELSEY, for the rest, take a look at https://soundcloud.com/synapson.

Paul: Thanks, DELSEY, for helping us to travel easier with your well designed bags. Besides being practical, they are really good looking. With your bags, we'll be able to show off in stations and airports all around the world. THANK YOU!