My Delsey Luggage

By Evelyne Marks of @everythingevelyne and www.everythingevelyne.com

Don't you love going on vacation? I love everything about vacation, but I have to admit, I need some help packing up and getting ready. I think I finally found a solution-- some great luggage. I just got these amazing pieces from Delsey and they are life changing.

I have such a hard time picking out luggage. There are so many styles and colors. When I found these pieces from Delsey, I knew they would be perfect. These pieces from the Aero Collection are so lightweight and I love the color (perfect to spot when I'm at baggage claim, right?)

What I love most about these Delsey pieces and the Aero collection is that they are so durable and have double spinner wheels that make it so easy to maneuver. This way I don't even need my hubby's help with my bags, I can do it all myself. They also have two full packing compartments with a lined divider and tie down straps. This will really help me stay organized.

Stay tuned to my Instagram for more about my travels with my Delsey luggage. Thanks to Gabi Wells for photos and Happy Reading!!!!