The materials currently used for manufacturing luggage generally require very little maintenance. Here are a few tips to help you get the best long-term use out of your bags and suitcases while ensuring they continue to look smart for all that time.

  • To clean your hardside suitcases (polycarbonate, ABS or polypropylene), warm water and soap or detergent applied with a soft cloth or sponge are sufficient. Afterwards, rinse them thoroughly before allowing them to dry to avoid any marks.
  • As for your softside luggage (in polyamide, polyester or ballistic nylon), clean it with gentle or natural soap diluted in water using a soft brush. After rinsing, a hairdryer set to a low temperature can speed up the drying process. Marks or traces of label glue can be removed by using Eau Ecarlate (stain remover), which also works well on hardside materials.
  • Leather requires treatment which involves applying a special leather cream, followed by buffing with a soft cloth. Moisturising or make up removing milks can also be used. Your leather luggage will appreciate not being left out in the sun to roast or next to a radiator, since this noble material is not very fond of heat.
  • A number of new, innovative materials have greater scratch resistance than their predecessors, but nothing can beat a luggage cover for optimal protection.
  • Regularly check that nothing prevents the wheels on your luggage from running freely. In particular, remove any gravel from them which can accelerate wear and scratching.
  • If your children have brought home part of a sandcastle as a souvenir, vacuum clean the inside of your luggage before storing it.
  • Protect your luggage from dust with a luggage cover or a large binbag, particularly if you are storing it in a cellar, loft or garage. Needless to say, a perfectly dry place is best. And by adopting a “Russian doll” approach you can save space!

As you can see, it isn’t rocket science, but remembering these few tips will help you keep your luggage in top condition and always ready to accompany you on another trip!