Trying to throw things together last minute into your suitcase? We have all been there. Here are some time saving tips to help you pack this travel season

1.      Pick Out Your Wardrobe In Advance

-        Coordinate what outfits will go with what day to help save you from scrambling around last minute. The best way is to pack in order on how your outfits will be worn for each family gathering. This will also help you with over packing problems.

2.      Use Every Inch Of Space

-        You can utilize every pocket and every secret compartment your luggage provides you. Exterior pockets are great for easy access items and even dirty laundry. Even stuffing your shoes with socks and underwear can also elevate some room!

3.      Roll vs. Fold Method

-        If you can’t decide – rolling is the way to go. You will save on space and will keep your stylish Thanksgiving wardrobe wrinkle free!