Packing for a flight can be hard enough, but adding a canine into the mix can be extra stressful. Make flying with your furry friend is a breeze with these essential items. 

  • Treat yourself and your Pet!
    • Treats will be the perfect way to keep your pet relaxed and reassured during a trip far away from home. By making sure your fur baby is calm, this will be a great opportunity for you both to enjoy more activities together. 
  • Towel Off
    • Make sure to pack an old towel for furry friend. You never know when you might get caught in the rain or go for a swim!
  • First Aid on the Way
    • Better to be safe than sorry! Take with you a first aid kit with your canine’s medicines, animal friendly bandages, and antiseptic. That way you are always prepared, even in the worst case scenario. 
  • Walk This Way
    • Even on vacation, your pooch needs their exercise. Pack their regular leash or a compact one for traveling purposes. Take in the sights of your getaway with a nice walk with you and your fur baby.
  • Vaseline Anyone?
    • Although Vaseline is popular with humans, it can also help out your pet as well. Vaseline works great for soothing your dog’s paws after walking for quite some time. 
These five extra packing pieces can help you and your pet stay happy during your trip.
Now, you and Fido are ready to jet off on your next adventure!